CHRIS VISIONS Undergoing Eye Surgery Following Partial Blindness

Chris Visions
Chris Visions
Credit: Chris Visions (BOOM! Studios)

Artist Chris Visions (Dead Letters, Spider-Gwen) is planning to have cornea transplant surgery January 31 following a month of blindness in his left eye due to Keratoconus, a progressive eye diease. His father grew up with this disease as well, and has had three cornea transplants in his life.

"To catch you up if you don't know, Keratoconous (what I've had since high school) is basically when your round eye decides overtime it wants to be a football. Eyeball, your not a football, silly," Visions wrote on Facebook. "The condition stresses the cornea, distorting vision and refracting light in weird ways. Eventually it thins your cornea to the point of a tear, ie where I am. So now I'm basically looking through a scar on my eye, which allows little to no visibility, mostly just light."

Due to the progressive nature of Keratoconous, this result - and the planned eye surgery - were something Visions, 33, was aware would happen at some point in life.

Credit: Chris Visions (Marvel Comics)

"It's been something I've had to greatly adjust to, a lot of emotions so far and it being something difficult to articulate," Visions said. "About a year ago I had finally been able to get scilaro contacts thanks to obtaining insurance (Thanks Obama). I'm still paying those contacts off, but they greatly improved my life up to this point. Now it is surgery or keeping the scarred sight that I have now."

Visions has been told to expect a recovery time to "three weeks to a couple months," but plans to do limited artwork commissions and freelance assignments during the healing process.

"So while my left eye heals, I'll use my right to finish up my remaining commissions, take jobs that I can, and continue to give my own characters the nurturing and development they deserve," said Visions. "Through all the art I've made, the thought of them not coming to fruition by my eyes and hands would be my biggest regret. I've given myself a great deal to other peoples ideas, and some of the feelings I cary like a thorn come a great deal of not giving enough love to my own ideas, Ideas filling up shelves in sketchbooks. 'Legacy' as my friend Kerry put it."

For more information on Visions' condition and ways to donate, visit the artist's Facebook page.

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