An Empty Grave, Another Phoenix, & a Mysterious Door in PHOENIX RESURRECTION #3 - SPOILERS

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This week’s Phoenix Resurrection #3 from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Joe Bennett adds to the mystery of the returning X-Man and brings forth more clues about the whereabouts of the adult Jean Grey – even possibly putting the X-Men on a direct path to finding her.

Spoilers ahead for Phoenix Resurrection #3.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Phoenix Resurrection #3 opens with the still mostly-unidentified waitress named Jean having a vision of the Phoenix’s first appearance, in which she feels like she’s drowning – but she’s actually fainted in a puddle of water at work. Someone says to call “Dr. Reyes” (inferring former X-Man Cecilia Reyes, who unlike others in this vision is still alive in Marvel continuity), and as she runs to her car, Jean passes a clerk who resembles Caliban.

Her car won’t start, so she takes it to a mechanic named “Patch” who is a dead (or not) ringer for Wolverine’s Madripoor identity who displays Wolverine’s healing powers after Jean has another telekinetic outburst.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Meanwhile in Marvel's 'real world,' the X-Men investigate Jean’s now empty grave, deciding they need a psychic to help them. They turn to Emma Frost, who tells them about the Phoenix’s return in Jean Grey #10 (but doesn't mention the death of the young time-displayed Jean Grey). Emma points them to a part of New Mexico that she says Cyclops would often picture when he thought of Jean – an area eagle-eyed X-Men fans will recall as the original location of Angel’s Aerie, a base where the X-Men briefly hid from the Hellfire Club – and near which Cyclops and Jean shared an intimate moment. She says if Jean is alive, she’ll be there.

Jean - the waitress - runs home after her encounter with Patch, only to find her door locked. Suddenly, her house begins burning down around her - and before her appears the elder Jean Grey in her classic green and gold Phoenix costume. She tells waitress Jean “I thought it was time we talked.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

As the X-Men venture to the New Mexico location, they encounter a strange energy phenomenon filling the canyon before them, and a mysterious door opens in space – possibly to the White Hot Room, a resting place for Phoenix hosts where Jean Grey’s spirit was once seen to reside.

The story continues in Phoenix Resurrection #4, on shelves January 17.

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