ASPEN COMICS April 2018 Solicitations

Aspen Comics April 2018 cover
Credit: Aspen Comics

Mark Roslan; Gabe Carrasco – Story  / Alex Arizmendi – Art / Wes Hartman - Colors
Their Future Depends on Each Other in Aspen’s newest series!
The warrior world of Havos is in peril! The megalomaniac Emperor Atilus, and his bio-mechanical beasts known as the Fymiera are hell bent on a plot that spells doom for their parallel world, Earth! Enter: Sybil, a soldier princess who has come to Earth seeking aid from the only person on the planet who can help her take down the Emperor: 17-year old high school student, Elias Rivera. Teamed up with the brilliant scientist, Riley, and the quick-witted Brett, in order to save both worlds, Elias and Sybil will have to fight as one... literally.
Don’t miss the premiere issue to Aspen’s brand new action-adventure saga from writers Mark Roslan (BubbleGun, Broken Pieces) and newcomer Gabe Carrasco, with artist Alex Arizmendi (Edge of Venomverse: War Stories, Secret Empire: Brave New World) as they bring us a tale of two earths in need of two heroes!
PORTAL BOUND #1 is in stores April 4th, 2018!
FC / 32 pages / $3.99

J.T. Krul – Story  / Michael Santamaria – Art / John Starr - Colors
Aspen’s popular fantasy adventure series, JIRNI, returns for an epic third volume!
While Ara shares her story with the young D’jinn she discovered lost in captivity, the mother she is searching for gets to know the other D’jinn trapped under Torinthal’s control, as they share their own tragic tales. The Fall of the D’jinn continues!
Created by New York Times Best-Selling author J.T. Krul (Michael Turner’s Soulfire, Green Arrow) with art by newcomer Michael Santamaria, this next exciting chapter of Jirni will once again return readers to a land of untapped wonder!
JIRNI VOL 3 #2 is in stores April 18th, 2018!
FC / 32 pages / $3.99

Vince Hernandez – Story  / Harvey Tolibao – Art / Guy Major - Colors
The forces of magic have returned—and this time no magical being is safe!
Hank and his friends search for clues within a private magic club, and discover that the art of seduction has its disadvantages that could lead to them never escaping. Meanwhile, Sudana and her allies come face-to-face with the Magic Harvester—with fatal results!
CHARISMAGIC VOL 3 #3 is in stores April 11th, 2018!
FC / 32 pages / $3.99

Frank Mastromauro – Story  / Andre Risso – Art / Beth Sotelo - Colors
Volume three of Aspen’s hit series’ long-awaited return is finally here!
With the Earth literally falling apart, it’s up to Theo and his friends to try and save the day…again. Meanwhile, Perspecta has it’s own civil war taking place and a new power player has entered the picture which could spell certain doom for every living being there! And why is Dev trampling across the city like he’s Godzilla?!? Find out as the newest issue of Shrugged volume arrives!
SHRUGGED VOL 3 #3 is in stores April 25th, 2018!
FC / 32 pages / $3.99

Mark Roslan – Story  / Angel Tovar / Marco Lorenzana – Art / Federico Blee - Colors
The BUBBLEGUN crew returns for more high stakes jobs!
Since the team rescued the group's newest member, the cyber boy Asher, from the corporate megalomaniac, Drazic, their world has been in constant turmoil! Devyn and Molli find their bandit crew forced to do the bidding of an underworld gangster, Sir Penny, after borrowing and destroying his favorite ship, The Dark Lightning. Yet, even if they survive Sir Penny's harrowing missions--how will they escape the clutches of a ruthless scoundrel plotting to kidnap Asher?!
Creator and writer Mark Roslan (Broken Pieces), joined by penciler Angel Tovar and colorist Erick Arciniega, bring you one of comics' most bombastic sci-fi, action adventure series! Collecting together the entire volume 2 storyline and including a complete cover gallery, make sure to strap yourselves in because BUBBLEGUN Volume 2 is gonna take you on a wild ride!
BUBBLEGUN VOL 2 TPB: SEVERED LIES is in stores April 4th, 2018!
FC / 128 pages / $12.99         TPB

Siya Oum – Story  / Art
The best-selling Aspen series from creator Siya Oum returns!
In the epic first volume, the tough-minded Lola learned the brutal reality of the apocalypse within the confines of the ruthless Wasteland Trading Company led by the treacherous Edgar and his posse! However, the true challenge still lies ahead, as her desire to be reunited with her lost parents continues to burn greater than ever!
Collecting together LOLA XOXO Volume 2 in its entirety, this amazing trade paperback includes a comprehensive cover gallery and a whole lot more. Don’t miss out on the series that welcomes all to enter the Wasteland!
LOLA XOXO VOL 2 TPB is in stores April 18th, 2018!
FC / 160 pages / $14.99         TPB

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