Updated: BLACK PANTHER - LONG LIVE THE KING Inserts New Story for #3 and #4

Black Panther: Long Live the King #3
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated October 10, 2018:  Nnedi Okorafor has clarified the reason for her Black Panther: Long Live The King serial with Andre Lima Araujo is skipping #3 and #4, with a new two-part story in its place.

"FYI- I was always only doing the 3 Black Panther issues plus the Ngozi one-shot," Okorafor tweeted. "This was not a recent change. This was what I agreed to from the jump because I’m, *gasp*, BUSY with other projects."

Black Panther: Long Live The King was advertised by Marvel and comiXology as a six-issue miniseries with Okorafor and Araujo creating the entire series.

Newsarama was unable to each Marvel or comiXology for comment on this apparent discrepancy between what they advertised and what the writer had agreed to.

Original Story: Creed co-writer Aaron Covington, who worked with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler on the Rocky spin-off, will take over Marvel's ComiXology title Black Panther: Long Live the King for two issues starting with this week's #3, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Covington will be joined by artist Mario DelPennio. The pair will replace writer Nnedi Okorafor and artist Andre Lima Araujo, who are scheduled to resume their story after Covington and DelPennio's arc to finish out the series' final two issues.

Okorafor and Araujo's story was announced as a six-part bi-weekly serial; no reason has been given for the change, or cutting two issues from their plans.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Black Panther: Long Live the King #3 is due out digitally January 10.

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