20 Answer & a Question With DAN DIDIO: A Call For Questions

Heard any interesting DC news lately..?

Actually, yesterday's announcement of the new DC Entertainment division of Warner Bros. makes for a relevant reminder as we solicit your questions for our next round of 20 Answers and 1 Question with DC Universe Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

As Dan often reminds fans at convention panels, his role with DC does not include the development of movies, TV shows, animated DVD features, and video games at Warner Bros, or digital comics or collections at DC. His purview is the comic book titles and characters of the DC Universe and the creative teams that make them.

So while it may seem like an opportune time to ask Dan about when that new Superman movie will get off the ground, or for the inside scoop on corporate happenings, let's remember to focus on that will get some solid information out of Dan – the characters, storylines, creative teams and scheduling for any comics published within the DCU.

As always, we'll choose the best 20 that will get Dan talking, and he'll give us one question for readers at the end.

Wednesday's surprise news pushed this edition's call about to this morning, so you've all got until midnight tonight (Thurs. 9/10 EST) to get in your questions…

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