From the Mean Streets of New Athens: Urban Myths

Jay Faerber on Pilot Season: Urban Myths

Do you know the way to New Athens?

OK, maybe you haven't heard of it. It's in a world where Greek mythology is the religion of choice, and those Greek gods themselves make it a point to meddle in the lives of the citizens. These gods serve as both the religion people pray to, but also active participants in their everyday lives. For all your godly problems, there's someone you can call: private eye Jack Medusa. From his surname you can guess who his mother is, and like his mother he has a face that can turn people to stone – maybe that's why he wears a mask.

That's the story of the upcoming one-shot Pilot Season: Urban Myths, by writer Jay Faerber and artist Jorge Molina. Pilot Season: Urban Myths comes in as the final Pilot Season book for 2008, with voting opening in August. To find out more, we talked with writer Jay Faerber.

Newsarama: So where did the idea for Pilot Season: Urban Myths come from?

Jay Faerber: I always have a tough time answering this type of question. I don't really know where ideas come from. If I remember correctly, I originally had this idea of a male Gorgon in a business suit. He was going to be a villain for some super-hero comic I was working on. But once I had that image, the character sort of took on a life of his own, and I had the idea to make him a private eye in a world where the Greek Gods are still active. A big, modern city with Minotaurs and Cyclopses and stuff. I'm a big private eye fan, so I saw this as a way to put a new spin on lots of classic PI staples.

NRAMA: And how would you describe this first issue?

JF: Like any good PI story, our first issue hits the ground running, with PI Jack Medusa in the middle of a missing persons case. We drop you right into the story, but Jack's first person narration (a must-have for a PI story) tells you everything you need to know. The first issue serves as a nice introduction to Jack, his supporting cast, and the world they inhabit.

NRAMA: Are you doing anything special to "get out the vote" so to speak or your Pilot Season: Urban Myths. Shaking hands, kissing babies, anything like that?

JF: Nothing special planned yet. Just gonna pound the pavement and make sure people are aware that the book exists, and the importance in voting.

NRAMA: One last question.. say Urban Myths wins in the voting. What have you got planned for an ongoing series?

JF: Well, the winning book has the option to become a mini, not an ongoing, as I understand it. But that aside, we've subtly laid the groundwork for this mini-series in the pilot issue. Don't get me wrong -- the pilot tells a complete story, but there are threads that can be picked up, should we win. I basically see each issue of the mini-series telling one individual case, with a larger mystery spread out across the entire mini. I think it'll make for a rewarding reading experience. Plus, can you imagine getting a monthly dose of Jorge Molina's art? This kid's phenomenal!

Pilot Season: Urban Myths goes on sale July 9th.

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