How NETFLIX Beat CW For Archie's SABRINA TV Show

Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Francesco Francavilla (Archie Comics)

Netflix's live-action Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was originally set-up to debut on the CW, and now the reason the online streaming service won out has been revealed. CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed what Netflix offered that his network wouldn't, despite Sabrina being a sister show to Riverdale, which airs on CW.

“I was aware, I was deeply involved with [Warner Bros. TV President Peter Roth] on the whole thing,” Pedowitz told Deadline. “It was a decision which I understood from a business point of view. Netflix offered them a two-year deal, we weren’t going to do that. Netflix has had great success and should get some credit for helping us get Riverdale binged, and our guys get a lot of credit from bringing the guys who binged [on Netflix] back to the network and our digital site. I wish them the best.”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina secured a 20-episode, two-season deal with Netflix.

Riverdale airs in the United States on the CW, but is exclusive to Netflix in all foreign territories.


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