VENOMVERSE Saga to Conclude With VENOMIZED Event Title

Venomized #1
Credit: Nick Bradshaw (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Nick Bradshaw (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has announced Venomized, a new five-issue weekly event series from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Iban Coelho, reports ComicBook. This continueson the long-running Venom storyline that began with Venomverse and will soon encompass "Poison X," the upcoming Venom/X-Men crossover . 

In Venomized, Venom will lead Marvel's heroes in fighting the Poisons as the arrive on Earth - led by an alternate universe Thanos and a host of other "Poisonized" supervillains. The Poisons will attempt to infect Marvel's heroes with symbiotes, which would allow the Poisons to consume them and take over the world.

Here's the full solicitation for Venomized #1, due out on shelves April 4.

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Iban Coello
Cover by Nick Bradhaw
On Sale April 4
The story that began in VENOMVERSE reaches its epic conclusion with VENOMIZED! The POISONS, a species that hunger for super-powered symbiotes and their hosts, have picked their next target…THE MARVEL UNIVERSE ITSELF! Their first objective? Put every superhuman in a Klyntar symbiote – and CONSUME THEM! But with VENOM and the X-MEN still missing after the events of “Poison X,” the planet, and its heroes, is defenseless!

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