POLL: YOUR Reaction to News of the new DC ENTERTAINMENT?

For the second time in just over a week, the comic book world was rocked with news of big potential changes at both of the industry's two major publishers, Marvel and DC.

Last week it was Marvel being acquired by Disney (and you still have time to tell us what YOU think about that), and this week comes the announcement of the formation of DC Entertainment, a new Warner Bros. division that will more closely align DC Comics publishing and parent company Warner Bros. to "maximize DC brands" across Warners' film, television, animation, and video game divisions.

The news also involves a changing-of-the-guard at DC, with long-time executive Paul Levitz (President & Publisher since 2002) stepping down from that position to assume a "contributing editor and overall consultant" role with the new "DCE", along with returning to his roots as a DC writer.

So with the information available at hand, what's your reaction to Wednesday's announcement? Take our new reader poll and tell us what you think...

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