X-Men: Grand Design #3
Credit: Marvel Comics

The release schedule of Ed Piskor's "auteur comics" retelling of the X-Men's history, X-Men: Grand Design, has been sped up after the release of the series' first two-part miniseries. The original X-Men: Grand Design was solicited as a two-issue series, with the second issue due out later this month.

"X-Men: Grand Design, Second Genesis should be out this summer sometime. Way faster than we originally anticipated," Piskor tweeted, which would contrast from earlier plans to do it in December 2018. "As you can see with what's been published so far, there's a lot that goes into each issue. Spread the word and stay tuned.

Piskor previously told Newsarama in October that X-Men: Grand Design was planned as a six-part series, released in two-issue groupings. The cartoonist said that each about six months to complete, as he handles every aspect of production down to the design of the issues.

"Every two issues is like a mini-arc, and every two issues becomes a book. These issues will come out in December and January, with a trade in April. Wash-rinse-repeat for three years," he explained. "It takes me about six months to do an issue, doing two pages a week. And that’s a seven-day-a-week schedule. This is bigger than a standard monthly comic. It’s a more intense project. You’re not gonna wanna miss it, but good comics take time. I don’t have to let anything pass my desk that I don’t completely approve of or that I’m not happy with. I’m creating this with intense specification on my part."

X-Men: Grand Design - Second Genesis has not been given a specific release date yet.

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