Full First Issue: Ennis & Braun's JIMMY'S BASTARDS

"Jimmy's Bastards Vol. 1" preview

Explore Garth Ennis and Russ Braun's unique spin on the James Bond mythos in a full first issue preview of Jimmy's Bastards, ahead of the collection coming out February 14 from AfterShock Comics.

JIMMY’S BASTARDS TPB vol1 / $14.99 / 128pages / color / on sale 02.14.18
writer: Garth Ennis
artist: Russ Braun
color: John Kalisz
letterer: Rob Steen
cover: Dave Johnson
Collecting the first five issues of this hit AfterShock series!
Jimmy Regent, Britain's number one super-spy, has got it all: intrigue, adventure, a license to shoot whoever he likes and beautiful women falling at his feet. He also has a new partner who isn't quite as impressed by Jimmy as all other women appear to be. Now, there’s a price to pay for Jimmy's multiple romantic conquests — the results of which are about to come calling in the worst possible way…
From the creator and writer of Preacher and The Boys comes the brand-new series that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics.

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