More Dead X-MEN (& a Villain) Return in PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 - SPOILERS

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Credit: Carlos Pacheco/Marvel Comics

This week's Phoenix Resurrection #2 from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Carlos Pacheco deepens the mystery of the elder Jean Grey's return, adding to the number of dead (or thought dead) X-Men who seem to have a place in the story.

Phoenix Resurrection #2 also establishes a timeline with the concurrent Jean Grey ongoing series, which you can catch up on right here, and Astonishing X-Men, which you can read about here.

Spoilers ahead for Phoenix Resurrection #2.

Credit: Carlos Pacheco/Marvel Comics

Phoenix Resurrection #2 opens with an astronaut named Dave witnessing a vision of the Phoenix while adrift in space. Meanwhile, Jeannie - the previous issue’s waitress/Jean Grey doppelganger - awakens from a dream in the midst of a telekinetic episode. As she goes about her day, she greets a boy named Jamie who she says is “everywhere at once” (obviously Jamie Madrox, the recently deceased - again - Multiple Man).

Arriving at the diner, she serves a man named Erik - Magneto - and tells the cook, John (a slightly less obvious reference to the long dead Pyro, St. John Allerdyce) not to burn his food.

Credit: Carlos Pacheco/Marvel Comics

Back with the X-Men, Kitty Pryde, Old Man Logan, and Hank McCoy discuss the incidents of the previous issue, with Logan saying the Phoenix has returned, and Kitty and Hank revealing that they believe the signature Cerebro was tracking may not have been mutant-related after all. With all the team’s other active psychics out of commission (thanks to the events of the apparently concurrent story in Jean Grey #10 in which young Jean Grey died and the ongoing Astonishing X-Men in which Professor X returned in Fantomex’s body) Cable volunteers to use the machine.

Credit: Carlos Pacheco/Marvel Comics

Cable straps in and activates Cerebro, immediately saying he’s detecting something - but it’s not a person. As he describes the presence = “like a memory, or trauma” - he’s hit with psychic feedback, and he too collapses. Kitty dispatches teams to more locations experiencing phenomena - including Jamaica Bay (where the Phoenix first returned in Jean Grey’s form), the Savage Land, Genosha, and the sewers near the Morlock tunnels in New York.

Credit: Carlos Pacheco/Marvel Comics

Back at the diner, Jeannie returns with Erik’s food, but he’s gone. At the same time, a very villainous Magneto in his old costume appears – the one from the diner – and he seems not to recognize some of the X-Men. Just as he’s defeated, he disappears, reappearing at the diner.

Jeannie comments on his bloody nose, which Erik identifies as an “old war injury.” The pair then step outside just in time to see the Phoenix Force setting the area ablaze.

The story continues in Phoenix Resurrection #3, on shelves January 10.

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