STAR-LORD, SAILOR MOON? The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Gender-Bent Magical Girl High School Drama Comic That MARVEL Was In the Works

Guardians of the Galaxy
Credit: Art Adams (Marvel Comics)

Generation X writer Christina Strain has revealed she worked with Guardians of the Galaxy editor Jordan D. White on a series which would radically reinvent the cosmic characters into something that could fit inside the Sailor Moon 'magical girl' genre.

"Jordan and I once worked on a Guardians of the Galaxy pitch where everyone was in high school and also magical girls. I’m still sad that never happened," Strain tweeted, in response to a White AMA. "Star-Lord would've been Star-Lady, Rocket was going to be the most violent animal mascot ever, and Drax was going to just be... well, Drax. The only magical dude of the bunch."

The story was intended to be part of the various Secret Wars sideline miniseries in 2015.

Strain goes on to say that while Marvel's senior editor approved of the pitch, it was ultimately nixed.

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