FRUIT NINJA and TRUMP'S TITANS in KEENSPOT March 2018 Solicitations

Keenspot Entertainment March 2018 cover
Credit: Keenspot Entertainment

Writers: Joe Casey, Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau
Artist: Mike Rosenzweig
Cover Artist: Remy Eisu Mokhtar
Four modern-day Fruit Ninjas rise to rediscover the long lost art of Juice Jitsu! Their mission:  to unlock hidden powers through the slicing of fruit and to protect their neighbours from bizarre villains they never knew existed! In this fruity first issue, the Frenzy Force battle their first real-life enemy, an ancient ninja with a score to settle. Based on the hit animated series (the first episode alone had over 16 million viewers) spinning off of the second highest-selling mobile game of all time with over 1 billion downloads. Cover A features a bonus animation cel cover on the flipside!

Writer: John Barron
Artist: Shawn Remulac
Cover Artist: Bill Blankenship
Thanks to a secret government technology invented by his genius scientist uncle in the 1980s, President Donald J. Trump becomes not only the most powerful man in the world, but the most powerful being in the universe! Using his very good brain, the best brain, The Donald assembles a superhero team like nobody's ever seen before! They quickly deliver fire and fury to threats against our nation such as Fidget Spinners, Mark Zuckerberg, and The Mandela Effect. This bigly volume collects the fabulous first four issues of Trump's Titans, which some people are saying is the hugest-selling comic book series of all time, believe me! Available in Softcover and Hardcover editions.

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