SOULE Teases 'Big MARVEL Thing' Freshening Up A Character

Marvel Heroes
Credit: Alex Garner (Sideshow Collectibles)

Charles Soule is teasing work on a new project at Marvel which intends to freshen up an existing character. Teased as part of a rundown of 2017 and what's to come in 2018, the writer - who currently writes four ongoings for Marvel - said he is "very excited."

"Yes, there’s a big Marvel thing in the works. I think you will like it," wrote Soule. "Trying to take an existing character and let them be seen in a fresh way. Not easy, but definitely wonderful. Very very excited to work with the artists on this."

Soule also confirmed he's begun work on new creator-owned projects after the conclusion of Letter 44 and the success of Curse Words.

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