AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY March 2018 Solicitations

American Mythology March 2018 cover
Credit: American Mythology

(W) S.A. Check (A) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim
Get more nyuks for your bucks with The Three Stooges Vol 2 Graphic Novel collection! America’s favorite funnymen are back with the first comic book series that captures the likeness of Moe, Larry, and Curly! These all new adventures present The Three Stooges unique brand of wit and slapstick to a new generation of fans. Celebrate April Fool’s Day the Stooges way with this 144 page graphic novel collecting The Three Stooges Merry Stoogemas, The Three Stooges April Fools Day Special, The Three Stooges TV Time, The Three Stooges Halloween Stoogetacular, and packed with extra fun parody ads, interviews, classic comics, and even more Stooge goodness.
SC, 144pgs, Full Color

The world’s greatest comics get a trading card set of their comics! Comic books, that is! This set celebrates The Three Stooges history in comics with some of the most stunning artwork and images that have been collected over the years. This series focuses on the modern era and the comic book art of American Mythology which presents The Boys in their actual likenesses for the first time ever in the medium! The series includes a 45-card base set, 9 Retro-Stalgic 1950s Subset, 1 Genuine Three Stooges Printing Plate, Limited Edition Metal Cards, Production Proof Card, and 3 Promo Cards! And each box comes with a Clipout Checklist Header Card! Add these Stooges to your collection today!

(W) Todd Livingston (A) Jacob Greenawalt, Jorge Pacheco (CA) Adrian Ropp
Want to read some great all ages comics? Don’t wait for Mr. Peabody to tell you, check out The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show #3! Its chock-full’a intelligent and clever stories that amuse, entertain, and tickle your funny bone. Remember when cartoons were smart and satirical? Join Moose and Squirrel on a way-back trip to a slapstickier era! Now, come watch us pull a rabbit out of this hat! The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show comes with three covers – Main & Peabody & Sherman Covers by Adrian Ropp and a Retro Animation Retailer Incentive Edition.
32pgs, Full Color

(CA) Jenni Greggory
The cool cat is back! Generations of kids grew up loving the Pink Panther’s unique style and wit on Saturday morning cartoons. And now today’s best writers and artists are delivering original comic book stories that bring the trademark Pink Panther flair for confounding The Inspector and The Little Man to legions of new fans! Each issue is packed full-a pink with several new stories, original shorts, and even a few classic comic tales! We’re cramming in 28 pages of comic goodness here so you get more pink for your green with American Mythology’s new Pink Panther series! Join the Pink Panther, The Ant and the Aardvark, The Inspector, and a host of other favorite cartoons for the all-ages comic book event of the year!
32pgs, Full Color

(W) Mark L. Haynes, J. C. Vaughn (A) Gordon Purcell (CA) Mark Wheatley
In the penultimate issue of Stargate Atlantis Singularity, the Atlantis team is faced with the final agenda of the rogue Ancient, Janus. His machinations over time have led to the galaxy teetering on the brink of destruction and only the intrepid Atlantis crew stands between him and his ultimate conquest. This arc ties all of the Stargate Atlantis issues to date together and delivers a powerful tale of revenge and desperation. Stargate Atlantis Singularity #2 comes with three covers — Main Cover by Mark Wheatley, Photo Cover, and a special Premium Limited Edition Flashback Photo Cover.
7×10, 32pgs, Full Color

The shocking conclusion of the two-part tale of treachery and terror on the lost, prehistoric continent of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Caspak! Galu outcast See-Ta has uncovered a disturbing upheaval in the delicate ecosystem of the primeval world she calls home, as dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are now starving and prowling outside of their natural hunting grounds. But what could have caused this unusual behavior, and does it have anything to do with the hideous, winged Weiroo who wants nothing more than to imprison See-Ta on the horrific breeding-ground island of Oo-oh, or perhaps take her head for a transgression from the past? Based on the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT: SEE-TA THE SAVAGE builds upon the Caspak Trilogy and includes cameos by some of the novels’ most beloved characters. Comes with two covers – Main & Antique Limited Edition Covers by Mike Wolfer
7×10, 32pgs, Full Color

(W/A) Mike Wolfer
One of the premiere erotic/horror “bad girls” of the 1990’s is back, in the original adventures that endeared her to a generation of indy comics readers: The woman-spider known as “Widow”! In this all-new printing of her classic tales of terror, romance, and extreme violence, sex, and gore, the seemingly innocent Emma weaves her spell over a secluded, Caribbean island and two shipwrecked FBI agents who have stumbled upon the secret, scientific lab of her father, Langford Harrow. In the steaming, island jungle, a hideous, half-human/half-spider mutation with a taste for human flesh is on the loose, but it is Emma’s ties to the beast that turn this tale of deception, murder, and monsters into an absolute nightmare of horror. For mature readers only!
32pgs, B&W

(W) Phil Hester & Various (A) Frazer Irving & Various (CA) Dale Keown
Since the beginning of time, there has existed a being whose interaction and interference with mankind has shaped human history. His powers of time and intellect have allowed his secrecy and resulted in certain days being absent from any historical record. Their stories have never been told. Their details have never been documented. Their existence is not remembered. But, the occurrences of these days have forever changed the course of humanity’s evolution. These are the “Days Missing” from our existence, and they are about to be revealed.
HC, 144pgs, Full Color

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