Canadian Town Wants To Erect WOLVERINE Statue (But No, It Won't Be Adamantium)

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Some residents of a major Canadian town are raising funds to erect a statue to one of the area's most popular heroes, Wolverine. Alberta resident Sameer Singh has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $85,000 Canadian to build a Wolverine statue in Fort McMurray. Singh said the statue is an effort to counter-balance the calamitous effects of the 2016 wildfire known as 'The Beast,' and to generally improve the region's character.

"Fort McMurray experienced economic collapse in 2014 and then, in 2016 came 'The Beast': a massive wildfire that forced the evacuation of the entire city and became Canada's most expensive natural disaster.  The city could use some love from the rest of the province and the country!," wrote Singh. "One way to make a difference and recognize the region's character is in the realm of public art: let's build and erect a statue of Alberta's most famous fictional character, Wolverine!"

The $85,000 Canadian would go towards the material, design, labor, transportation, and installation of a bronze Wolverine statue (No, not adamantium). Singh said he's already spoken with city officials, and should the IndieGoGo campaign succeed, to then ask Marvel for permission to build the statue.

This comes just months before the culmination of a similiar campaign in Detroit for a real-life Robocop statue.


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