CHAPTERHOUSE COMICS March 2018 Solicitations

Chapterhouse Comics March 2018 cover
Credit: Chapterhouse Comics

(W) Ray Fawkes (A) Soo Lee (CA) Djibril Morrisette
Paz Gallegos is alone, confused, and convinced that she is endangering her loved ones because she can’t control Fantomah, her monstrous alter-ego. Without a plan or destination, Paz goes on the run, but she can’t resist Fantomah’s need to defend – or avenge – the unprotected. The number of people hunting Fantomah continues to grow, but the number of people Paz can trust does not. With more danger at her heels than ever, Paz tries desperately to contain Fantomah, while her darker half is too concerned with local forest fires to protect herself – or Paz.

(W) Andrew Wheeler (A) Juan Samu (CA) Vaneda Vireak
The Chapterverse continues at its new price point of $1.99! A new era of adventures continues for of one of Canada’s original heroes! Tasha Kolchak and Sidika Khan are in the clutches of the American military, and Lance Valiant has been separated from them. With help from an old friend, he’ll learn more about his past – and about his newest enemy, Sabre.

(W) Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz (A) Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz (CA) Glen Hanson
Kitty Ravencraft is on top of the world again! Her new comic book series is a huge success and she’s the talk of the comic shops! Naturally, Kitty’s publisher wants to capitalize on her newfound popularity with a big budget blockbuster Kitty movie! To make this happen, Kitty goes to Hollywood, but once again she finds herself in danger! Someone is out to kill Kitty and this time, even you won’t know who! Includes the 8 page Kitty story from the 2017 Captain Canuck Free Comic Book Day issue, an exclusive story by Gisele Lagace as well as pin-ups by J. Bone, Mike Rooth, Gisele Lagace, and more!

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