ALTERNA COMICS March 2018 Solicitations

Alterna Comics March 2018 cover
Credit: Alterna Comics

(W) Jordan Hart (A/CA) Emmanuel Xerx Javier
Time’s running out and nothing’s going right for Dennis. For his doppelganger, it’s just business as usual — but for Dennis, the stakes couldn’t be higher. In a moment of panic, Dennis does something extreme — but does he have the courage to follow it through to the end? MATURE THEMES
32pgs, FC (3 of 4) SRP: $1.50

GO WEST #2 (OF 3)
(W) Garrett Gunn (A/CA) Saint Yak
The Blade is Back…! Slade’s bloody journey of revenge leads him to “Lost Vegas” where he hopes to enlist the unlikely help of the deadliest woman in the Western Territories.
SC, 32pgs, FC (2 of 3) SRP: $1.50

(W) David Lucarelli (A/CA) Henry Ponciano
In 1915, Abigail Moore became one of the first female police officers in Hollywood. But beneath the glamorous surface of Tinseltown beats a rotten heart full of corruption, greed, and lies, and Abigail’s about to dive head-first into all of it.
32pgs, FC (1 of 5) SRP: $1.50

(W/A/CA) Patrick Mulholland
An ancient power source that can manipulate space and time is buried deep on a barren world and Juno, the last human, must embark on a dangerous journey to find it. Her mission is simple: go back in time and save humanity from extinction. The cost? Her life.
32pgs, FC (1 of 4) SRP: $1.50

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