BENDIS Reveals His Final MARVEL Issue & Fate of PUNISHER: END OF DAYS

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has tweeted that his final issue of Invincible Iron Man will be #600, following his recent signing of an exclusive contract with DC Comics.

"Every single title I am writing will end with a conclusion from me that either is my final statement on the characters or sets them up for their next adventure as planned." said Bendis. "Every title. My last Marvel comic will be Invincible Iron Man #600 and it’s big."

Bendis will leave Defenders with February's #10, while he said on his Tumblr that he will depart Spider-Man with #240, and will finish Spider-Men II #5 as planned.

Likewise, Bendis took to his Tumblr to reveal that Punisher: End of Days, a previously announced spiritual sequel to his Daredevil: End of Days mini-series, has been cancelled.

"Nothing came of it because the creators involved like myself, David Mack, Klaus Jansen or Bill S. are very busy or had moved on to other companies and we never could really find the right window or the right creators to get it going again," Bendis explained. "If Marvel decides to continue the project with David and others I completely support that decision. David had done a lot more groundwork on it and I had. I hope they pursue it… if it fits their editorial plans. But, yes, now that I have signed a long-term exclusive with DC comics this project, and some others that you may never have heard of, will be going the way of Twilight of the Superheroes."
Twilight of the Superheroes was a major crossover pitched to DC Comics by Alan Moore, before he departed the publisher.
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