SUICIDE SQUAD Director: 'I Got My Throat Cut' By 'Polarizing' Reviews

"Suicide Squad" still
Credit: Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad director David Ayer's latest film, the Netflix original Bright, has garnered poor critical reviews, prompting Ayer to reflect on his critically-maligned DC film, saying he "got his throat cut" by Suicide Squad's reviews.

"It was a super polarizing movie. Incredibly polarizing," Ayer told Entertainment Tonight. "It was sh*t. Yeah, it was sh*t reviews. I got my throat cut."

"It made me gun shy," he continued. "It's like going to the boxing ring and getting knocked out is how it felt. And I had to go into the ring again. And directing is a confidence game, because you're selling everyone on something that only exists in your head. The actors have to feel that confidence to trust that you know what you're doing, and so does your crew. As a director, you set the tone. Really, it's coming off that movie, I understood the pitfalls, I understood the dangers, I knew where the alligators hide, you know? And so I made damn sure I didn't repeat any mistakes."

Despite the critical drubbing, Ayer says he's eager to take on his next big DC project - with the lessons he's learned from Suicide Squad guiding him.

"You know, I'm not a film school guy. I didn't go to college. I'm kind of vocational in my outlook, and it's like, Now I know how to make that movie! Now I could fix Suicide Squad!" he explained. "So... And I love the comic IPs. I mean, I'm a comic geek. And I love Warner Bros. and I would definitely go back. We're kicking tires over there. We've got stuff in development."
Ayer has previously been attached to an in-development Gotham City Sirens film starring Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.
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