HEATHEN Delayed Until 2018 (Updated)

Credit: Natasha Alterici
Credit: Natasha Alterici

Updated December 20, 2017 at 12:57 p.m. EST: Following the original publication of this story, Vault's Editor-In-Chief Adrian Wassel clarified that Vault does plan to resolicit Heathen in April 2018.

"Heathen is already being resolicited in April. Diamond has the info for it in their system already," Wassel told Newsarama. "We resolicited because Natasha does it all herself, and simply fell behind. We will see Heathen through to its end, no matter what. And we will always give Natasha as much time as she needs to see her vision through."

That April Heathen resolicitation has been submitted to Diamond, but has not been circulated by the distributor.

Alterici re-affirmed plans to for Vault to resume publishing Heathen in 2018, tweeting "No. It's not. Don't worry everyone."

Original Story: Heathen #7 and #8 have been cancelled by Vault Comics at the distributor level, with Diamond Comics Distributor stating that the publisher has no plans to resolicit the title.

Created, written and drawn by Natasha Alterici, Heathen quickly became one of Vault's most popular titles but has had recent delays with #6 pushed back from its solicited September 2017 release date on several occasions, with the last update given being a January 17, 2018 release date.

Vault has not cancelled Heathen #6 with Diamond as of yet, but given the cancellation of #7 and #8 the future of the series - at Vault at least - is in doubt.

Credit: Natasha Alterici

Heathen originally started as a digital comic, with Alterici running two successful Kickstarters to fund the book. Back in mid-November, Alterici informed her Kickstarter backers that the series was being delayed due to hand pain but that she expected the second collection (which would include #6 through #8) to be released by February 2018.

"Just a quick update on where we are at. We've had some unfortunate delays with production. On my end, I've been dealing with some severe hand pains (turns out it was Carpal Tunnel, hooray!) and that has slowed me down quite a bit. There were some other unexpected personal matters that came up with other team members, so we all had to take some time off. I want to extend my deepest apologies to you all for this," Alterici said back in November. "The good news is, we are back on track now and working diligently to get the next two issues out. The bad news is that all the delays have pushed the release date for Volume 2 into early next year, looking at February. No worries though, you are still going to get your books, just later than expected."

Newsarama was unable to reach Vault or Alterici for comment on Heathen #7 and #8's cancellation through Diamond.

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