Updated: CHEW Animated Movie Dead - No TV Show Currently In Development

"Chew #57" cover by Rob Guillory
Credit: Rob Guillory (Image Comics)

Updated December 20, 2017: Chew writer John Layman clarified that  while he did say a TV show was in talks, no project is currently in development. 

"Getting a phone call once every so often from somebody who thinks a Chew TV show would be a good idea is not 'in development,'" Layman tweeted. "It’s nothing. There is no news here."

Original Story: Writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory's Chew is once again in development as a live-action television series, after a long in-development animated project has been cancelled. Layman broke the news at Bangalore Comic Con 2017 earlier this month, telling Pursue News that the Chew animated project, billed at different times as both a TV series and animated film, is "dead."

"It was supposed to be a TV show. That died. It was supposed to be a cartoon. That died. Now it's supposed to be a TV show again," Layman explained.

Chew was first pegged for a series on Showtime in 2013, though that adaptation was not picke dup. The subsequent animated project got as far as casting Stephen Yuen as Tony Chu, along with Felicia Day and David Tennant in other voice roles before being scuttled "a year ago," according to Layman.

The writer couldn't reveal any details about the now in-development TV series, though he did have some words of encouragement for fans still awaiting an adaptation of the cult classic series.

“It took Preacher 15 years to become a TV show so I’m being patient,” he said. 

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