Green Hornet #1
Credit: CP Wilson III (Dynamite Entertainment)
Credit: Mike Choi (Dynamite Entertainment)

A new Green Hornet series by writer Amy Chu and artist German Erramouspe is coming from Dynamite Entertainment. Scheduled to debut in March 2018, this Green Hornet title picks up the story from Kevin Smith's previous run with Britt Reid and Kato passing the torch to their children, Britt Jr. and Mulan.

"The Green Hornet was one of the top titles on my bucket list to write, so I'm really thrilled to dive in," Chu said. "I've been listening to the old radio shows from the '30s and trying to bring back some of the good guy vs bad guy elements of what made it popular in the '30s. But this is not a pure nostalgia trip - there's a lot of modern twists. My parent's generation in Hong Kong liked Green Hornet because of Bruce Lee as Kato so I'm weaving in some solid martial arts action too."

Credit: German Erramouspe (Dynamite Entertainment)

In the first arc of this new series, Kato and Mulan to investigate the disappearance of Britt Reid Jr, the second Green Hornet.

"When I read the beginning of the script for the first issue of this new series, Amy Chu proposed to me that we could make this version of Green Hornet with a noir style, something in the vein of Edeard Hopper's painting, Nighthawks. Hopper is one of my favorite artists, so with this in mind, I know that this first chapter is going to be really stimulating for me when I go to the drawing table and begin working on it!" said Erramouspe. "I can give to Kato and the Green Hornet, two characters that I really enjoy, and am really excited to draw, a somber feeling!  I hope the readers can enjoy this new beginning as much as I'm enjoying drawing it! And feel how the night is dyed in a darkest green once again!"

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