TARZAN Braves Worldscape In PATHFINDER: LORD OF THE JUNGLE One-Shot Preview

"Pathfinder Worldscape One-Shot Lord of the Jungle" preview

Tarzan versus Romulus and Remus in a preview of this week's Pathfinder Worldscape One-Shot: Lord of the Jungle.

Pathfinder Worldscape One-Shot: Lord of the Jungle
writer: Roberto Castro   |   artist: Christopher Paul Carey
cover: Giovanni Valletta
FC  |  24 pages  |  $19.99  |   Teen+ 
“Forest of Nightmares!” Tarzan clashes head-on with the original feral heroes of mythology: the demigods Romulus and Remus! The Lord of the Jungle must then brave the deadly wilds of the Worldscape to free his friends from slavery!

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