BUFFY vs. Big Pharma In Black Mask's BREATHLESS

Credit: Black Mask Studios

Former Zenescope writer Pat Shand is expanding to a new publisher with a new title called Breathless. Co-created with artist Renzo Rodriguez, Breathless is described by Shand as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer if the Big Bad was big pharma."

"We've got a world of monsters and demons and supernatural creatures, but the real evil are the humans that look at the suffering of other people and go, 'I can get rich off of this, can't I?'" said Shand.

Scheduled to debut in March from Black Mask Studios, Breathless is inspired by his own experience as someone with asthma.

"Breathless is a personal story for me, for sure. I have asthma, which is manageable of course - but only if you have health insurance,  
because otherwise the prices on the various medications needed to keep it in check are pretty fucking monstrous," Shand explained. "Breathless was born from thinking about the overlap between someone who has a strange job that leaves them unable to get health insurance, like me as a freelance writer and our lead character Scout as a cryptozoologist, and someone who needs health insurance to reasonably afford the luxury of... you know, breathing."

Shand previously worked with Renzo Rodriguez on several Zenescope titles, and was excited to branch out into creator-owned here with Breathless.

"Renzo is terrific with horror, but he also never misses character beats," Shand said. "His work is just super kinetic, bursting with energy, and he makes you feel everything."

Here is the solicitation for the new series, with the full Black Mask Studios March 2018 solicitations expected later this month.

(W) Pat Shand
(A) Renzo Rodriguez
36 pages
Full Color
It's Buffy the Vampire Slayer if the villains were big pharma.
Scout Turner works as a cryptozoologist, examining and cataloguing supernatural creatures for scientific purposes. When she discovers the cure for asthma in the venom of a new breed of monster, she quickly finds herself on the run from Kenilworth Pharmaceuticals and the monsters that they've hired to kill her. With no one by her side but her clueless assistant, a morally ambiguous succubus, and her geriatric dog, Scout goes on the run... but in a world controlled by money and drugs, can she escape the reaching claws of a medical monopoly?
From Pat Shand (Destiny NY, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Renzo Rodriguez (Hellchild) comes this healthcare horror story about the monsters creeping in the dark... human or otherwise.


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