MARV WOLFMAN Back On TEEN TITANS In 2018 - For One Issue

Teen Titans #16
Credit: Sami Basri (DC Comics)
Credit: Sami Basri (DC Comics)

Marv Wolfman is returning to the teen team he helped make famous in The New Teen Titans. Wolfman and artist Tom Derenick have been slotted into January 24's Teen Titans #16, replacing the original team (and story) by Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt.

"A unseen villain has taken over the citizens of San Francisco with one target in mind...Starfire!," reads the updated solicitation. "Can Kory and her teammates figure out a cure for the masses before they lose control of their minds and bodies forever?"

As part of this, Sami Basri has illustrated a new primary cover - replacing the originally intended one by Dan Mora.

No reason has been given for the change, or if the originally intended Teen Titans #16 story - part one of a multi-part "The Following" story-arc - will be published at a later date.

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