Will FOX's Ownership Stake In BOOM! Go to DISNEY? Uncertainty But Possible Opportunity

Credit: BOOM! Studios

With news of Walt Disney Company's planned acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox's media holdings, many questions arise including Fox's deep business ties with BOOM! Studios. Fox has a minority ownership stake in BOOM! Studios, as well as a exclusive 'first look' deal and film rights for several titles including Lumberjanes, Nimona, Mouse Guard, and Goldie Vance.

"While we don’t have any information beyond what has already been reported in the press, we are excited for the new opportunities that this partnership provides for our friends at Fox," said BOOM!'s VP of Marketing Arune Singh, who previously worked for Marvel. "Both Fox and Disney are world class organizations with exceptional teams, so we look forward to their shared success in the future."

Credit: BOOM! Studios

It hasn't been established if Fox's minority stake in BOOM! is part of Disney's planned acquisition or would remain with the slimmed down Fox company. However it plays out, Singh said that there have been no changes to BOOM!'s day-to-day operations.

"In regards to BOOM! Studios, there will be no immediate changes to how we operate day-to-day," continued Singh."Fox is a valued partner but they are also a minority shareholder, meaning we will continue to operate independently and pursue the same opportunities that have made BOOM! Studios such a success for over twelve years."

When Fox acquired a stake in BOOM! Studios, the comic company said the deal was to gain capital to fund more BOOM! tittles and expand its distribution channels. While BOOM! does select books owned solely by its creators, many titles are co-owned or owned entirely by the company.

BOOM! has worked in the past with Disney, licensing several of its properties before Disney's acquisition of Marvel.

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