Change of Pace Interlude: What Have YOU Read?


Greetings, citizens.  You’ve been reading our Change of Pace column for a bit now; there have been several installments from me, and one guest installment from David Pepose.  At this point, I want to ask: who has picked up one these titles for a Change of Pace? And if you’re already a fan, here’s your forum to plead the case on behalf of a book that you enjoy.  

To recap, thus far we’ve had . . .

Dead Romeo (DC):  The final issue of this overlooked vampire mini-series by writer Jesse Blaze Snider and artist Ryan Benjamin dropped yesterday.

Madame Xanadu (Vertigo):  We said: “As a series, Madame Xanadu combines supernatural historical adventure, romance, a subtle taste of the history of the DCU, and tremendous characterization.  It’s made for women and men that enjoy smart plotting, well-realized leads, and outstanding art.  The inexpensive trade makes a great introduction, and there’s a lot to love here.”

Irredeemable (Boom!):  Like Madame Xanadu, there’s an inexpensive trade that helps you catch-up.  Mark Waid and Peter Krause do an outstanding job on this look at a Superman-level super-hero that’s gone terrifyingly off the path. Apparently, you're all taking notice, as Boom! announced late yesterday that issue 6 sold out in one day.

Gravel (Avatar):  Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer and company bring energy and intrigue to this series, which could possibly be log-lined at “What if Jack Bauer were also Dr. Strange?”.  One of my favorite reads at the moment, due to its willingness to go in crazy supernatural directions and for the creative team’s intense attention to their own world-building.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel):  Action-packed and consistently hilarious, Guardians is hands-down my favorite Marvel comic right now (though Hercules is in the running).  The charm of this series comes from its misfit cast of B to D-List Marvel Cosmic veterans and how the interact while reacting to desperate battles against impossible odds.  Always a good time.

Chew (Image):  When David pinch-hit for me, he talked about the new Image sensation, Chew.  While it might not seem like an obvious Change of Pace choice, given the attention that it’s been getting, it’s certainly not your everyday mainstream comic.  The premise, which, as David puts it, is “a nebbishy cop with the ability to divine clues from his food”, instantly goes into bizarre and entertaining directions.  It’s well-worth the time for you to take a look.

So, six columns in, and what have you tried?  Did we hit a personal mark for you?  Did you give something new a chance?  If you’re already a fan, what else can you say about why you enjoy one (or all) of these books?  Past that, is there another title that you’d like to recommend to the readership, or one that you’d like to suggest to us to take a look at in a future column?  We already have some definite ideas for the next few installments, but we’re always eager to here about something new.  Have at it, and thanks for reading.

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