Actor Campaigning For BLUE BEETLE Role (and Filmed a Concept Video to Try Out)

Blue Beetle #13 variant
Credit: DC Comics

22-year-old actor Armani Salado wants to be cast as Blue Beetle - problem is that as of yet, Warner Bros. isn't casting for one - neither on the Titans television series or any other projects. But that hasn't stopped the young actor from auditioning direct to the public.

Salado has filmed a audition tape for the role - including martial arts exercises - in hopes of being cast as Jaime Reyes a.k.a Blue Beetle should DC ever come looking. Salado, who recently signed with Abrams Artists Agency, has encouraged 'fancasting' of him in the role and his manager is even reaching out to drum up support with press.

"He is a young fresh face, perfect for the role of Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle," said Hannah Hickman, his manager. "It would be amazing and a great opportunity for the comic community to get to know who he is and what he's made of."

Actor Ryan Potter recently did a similiar stunt to gain attention (and a possible role) as Tim Drake/Robin, which ended up twisted into him being cast as Titans' Beast Boy.

So what do you think - could Salado be Jaime Reyes? Tell us in the comments.

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