DICK TRACY Returns to The Comic Book Beat With New 2018 Ongoing

Dick Tracy #1 variant
Credit: Francesco Francavilla (Archie Comics)
Credit: Thomas Pitilli (Archie Comics)

The long-running comic strip hero Dick Tracy is returning to comic books with an all-new, original ongoing series from Archie Comics. Dick Tracy by writers Alex Segura and Michael Moreci, along with artist Thomas Pitilli and collorist Dee Cunniffe, is scheduled to launch April 11 with a Year One style debut.

"The first arc of the series is going back to square one - as we explore the very early days of Dick Tracy's time in The City, soon after the second World War," said Segura, who is also Archie Comics' Co-President. "While everyone is familiar with the established, confident and heroic Tracy, we wanted to give readers a chance to see how all that came to be, and how his Rogues first reared their ugly mugs."

Credit: Francesco Francavilla (Archie Comics)

It begins in Dick Tracy #1 where the detective investigates a deadly shooting that reveals the handywork of Flattop.

"Dick Tracy has always been a character that stands shoulder to shoulder amongst the best--Superman, The Shadow, Conan the Barbarian, Spider-Man, you name it," said Moreci. "There's been so many great Dick Tracy stories over the past 75 years, and that's such a testament to his versatility, his amazing--unbeatable--rogues gallery, and what he represents."

Dick Tracy has run as a comic strip almost daily since its debut in 1931 from creator Chester Gould. Original Dick Tracy comic books have been published intermittently since then from the likes of Dell Publishing, Harvey Comics, Blackthorne Publishing, and Disney Comics.

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