TUSK Turns The Tide Against Wendigo Army In KILLER INSTINCT #3 Preview

"Killer Instinct #3" preview

Tusk and Jago team-up in a preview of this week's Killer Instinct #3.

Killer Instinct #3
writer: Ian Edginton
artist: Ediano Silva
covers: Yildiray Cinar (A), Jonathan Lau (B), Cam Adams (C-Sub)
FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |   Teen +  
Jago is under attack by the Coven’s wendigo army – but the unexpected arrival of Tusk turns the tide of the battle! The two warriors compare notes – and decided to investigate the loss of their guardian spirits! Meanwhile, the ancient sorcerer Kan-Ra begins his own investigations...

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