Delayed CYBER FORCE Reboot Gets March 2018 Start Date

Cyber Force #1
Credit: Marc Silvestri (Image Comics/Top Cow)
Credit: Marc Silvestri (Image Comics/Top Cow)

Top Cow's planned reboot of its foundational title Cyber Force is now scheduled to debut this March. Originally announced during Comic-Con International: San Diego fore a late 2017 debut, the rebooted title is scheduled to run monthly for 25 issues with no interruption.

The first story-arc begins just before the formation of the Cyber Force, following Morgan Stryker and his daughter Carin (who eventually become Stryker and Velocity) and how they become cyborgs and get involved with Cyberdata.

“I’ve always loved Cyber Force. These heroes are more technologically based, and we’re very close to transhumanism as it is!" said co/writer/publisher Matt Hawkins. "This story has a philosophical slant to it that is very appropriate to the changing times we’re in.”

Hawkins will be writing the series with Top Cow alum Bryan Hill, with Atilio Rojo drawing. Cyber Force creator Marc Silvestri is overseeing the project an contributing design work.

Cyber Force is what first interested me in Top Cow,” said Hill. “My first pitch to Matt was set in that universe. When Marc created it, concepts of transhumanism and its effect on society were just esoteric theory, but now we live in that reality. We're a species using technology to ‘perfect’ ourselves, but in what image? What happens when evolution stops being a natural process and becomes a mechanized one? What is the future of this new humanity? I hope to engage these ideas in Cyber Force... and blow a lot of things apart in flame and steel.”

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