AC COMICS March 2018 Solicitations

AC Comics March 2018 cover
Credit: AC Comics

Writers: Bill Black, Eric Lindberg, Lou Mougin, Andrew Hawnt, Stephanie Heike, Mark G. Heike, and Mark Holmes
Artists: Bill Black, Javier Lugo, Dan Gorman, Francesco Savi, David Matsuoka, Thomas Haryono, Chris Dreier, Scott Shriver, and Jeff Austin
Cover Artist: Will Meugniot
The FF face a NEW supervillain in “The Taming Of The Shrew”, written by fan favorite Eric Lindberg! FF creator BILL BLACK returns to write AND draw a feature-length SYNN adventure !! SHE-CAT and TARA fight together, NIGHTVEIL solo in Brazil, Ms. Victory in the 1950’s plus three other stories!!
80 pages / Black & White / $9.95

Writer: Andrew Hawnt
Artists: Francesco Savi and Emanuel Derna
Cover Artist: Jacob Bear
An obsessed and driven MARTIAL ARTS VIGILANTE seeks a weapon of ULTIMATE POWER hidden somewhere in the city. Will she locate it before an evil CRIME QUEEN, LADY JADE and her army of killer ninjas? Can VIOLET SHADOW turn her BITTEREST DEFEAT into her GREATEST TRIUMPH?
Free with the purchase of three copies of FEMFORCE #182
24 pages / Black & White

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