Fan Expo '09 - Marvel's YOUR UNIVERSE & MONDO Panels

The Toronto Fan Expo might have been winding down last Sunday afternoon, but that didn’t stop Marvel from releasing some newsworthy items during their Marvel Your Universe and Marvel Mondo panels.

During the first panel when one attendee asked about the status of Magneto, Marvel Marketing Manager Arune Singh replied “It’s cliché to say, but wait and see. Matt [Fraction] has plans for Magneto. There’s going to be some things that we do. It’s again what we were talking about, the Marvel Universe takes some changes sometimes and Magneto’s turn is going to be an interesting one. It makes sense with the character. It might not be necessarily the Brotherhood, but there are people that are naturally going to be attracted to his magnetic personality, no pun attended. He attracts a lot of different people and there will be people that gravitate towards him.”

“Pay attention to what Cyclops has been doing in 'Utopia', especially the latest issue,” he continued. “You can look at what he’s been doing and it will give you an idea of the dichotomy of the X-Men and Magneto when he returns.”

Later in the Mondo panel, a quick slide show revealed some future Marvel projects:

In February, the Pet Avengers will return in a new limited series.

The upcoming Ender’s Game one shot War of Gifts will be set firmly in Ender’s Game continuity.

December will see X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back by Kathryn Immonen, artist Sara Pichelli, and covers by Stuart Immonen. “It’s the girls like we’ve never seen them and certainly like they’ve never seen themselves,” teased Kathryn.

Assistant Editor Tom Brennan revealed that Jackpot, who was last seen at the end of the Amazing Spider-Man Annual, will be back in a three issue series by Marc Guggenheim, to take on her responsibility.

One reader who noted that Mark Millar’s Fantastic Four wasn’t set in Marvel continuity was reassured “Jonathan [Hickman] is crazy about stuff like that,” said Joe Quesada. “The book will run independently, but you’ll start seeing tips of the hat to stuff happening in the current Marvel Universe.”

A Scarlet Witch and Avengers fan wanted clarification about her whereabouts and plans for the character. “We have very big, big plans for her and she’s tied into a story that I have spoken about publically, but haven’t mentioned her name attached to it,” reports Quesada. “I know the writer would get very upset with me if I leaked that, but we do have plans for her that when all is said and done, will bring her back firmly in the throes of the Marvel Universe. Trust me, she’s one of our favorites.”

Regarding whether Quesada would be drawing another comic, he explained, “I had a project that I was going to draw. It was a four issue series sitting on my desk. I was holding onto it and holding onto it saying ‘I’m going to draw this. I really want to draw this.’ About three weeks ago, I had to fess up to myself and the editor in charge of the book and say ‘You know what? There is no way in hell I’m going to get this done by the time you need the deadline done’ so I had to back out of it. But the four issues itself have some framing sequences in it that are added to about 25 or 26 pages so I’ll do about 25 or 26 pages that you’ll see next year across four issues. Things are so hectic at Marvel right now and my duties have actually increased because now I’m creative head of animation as well. That was sort of the tipping point for me where I had to raise the red flag. There’s no drawing of a four issue mini series right now. I would love to get back to it and I am writing some stuff too.”

A more mature, grittier Spider-Man book is not in the pipeline.

Going back to the "Clone Saga" which hadn’t been acknowledged for years, Quesada revealed “What’s happening is Howard Mackie and Tom DeFalco still have their notebooks filled with all their story points on exactly how that story was supposed to be told. So we are allowing them to finish their story the way they intended. They are working on that now. Of course, it is in the air. People are writing letters about Ben Reilly and you are seeing a little of that bleed into Amazing Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man #608 through #610 has his past, and the past of the people who look exactly like Peter Parker, come back to haunt him in a big way,” said Brennan.

Concerning Luke Cage, Singh revealed that Luke Cage has a role coming up in a special one issue story. In addition, fans should pick up the upcoming New Avengers Annual where Luke Cage finds himself in hot water.

Somebody curious about the Infinity Gems was told Brian Michael Bendis has plans for them although they are currently located in Lockjaw’s collar.

C.B. Cebulski revealed that the October event crossing over between New Mutants/X-Force/X-Men Legacy is called X-Men: Necrosha. “As to who comes back to life and who stays alive, you will have to wait and see,” he teased. “But the answer is yes, there will be some dead characters coming back and staying alive.”

When asked about the status of Generation X characters such as Penance and Chamber, C.B. stated “Penance is now hollow and she is now out with the Green Goblin somewhere. As for Chamber, he was in New Warriors and he’s been de-powered, but there are some plans to use a lot of those de-powered mutants coming up soon.”

“Emplate, one of the villains from there, is in X-Men Legacy Annual #1 in September or October, so you are still seeing those characters being used,” said Singh.

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