Yoga + Superheroes (With Help From KEN KELLY & Actual Yoga Instructors)

Yoga Joe
Credit: PK Olson (Warrior Four Press)
Credit: Ken Kelly (Warrior Four Press)

The Yoga Joes toy franchise is expanding to comic books with the debut of Yoga Joe #1 this week. Taking the real practition of yoga and melding it with the superhero genre, creator Dan Abramson

"There’s a ton of mind-bending yoga action, and we had the challenge of translating a lot of intense yoga movements into comic book form," Abramson told Newsarama. "We had to enlist the help of actual yoga instructors to make sure it looked authentic (some moves were real, but some were gestural and only possible through the magic of comic books)."

Credit: PK Olson (Warrior Four Press)

Yoga Joe is about an ex-marine who joins a group of "muscle-bound yoga soldiers" whose base is called "the Namastery" -Namaste + monastery... get it? The concept originated with a toyline Abramson launched in 2014.

"I fell ass-backwards into a global audience of military yoga afficionados... and they were just begging for a comic!" He said. "Yoga finally has it superhero, and his name is Joe."

Yoga Joe #1 debuted Thursday on comiXology, and is written by Abramson and Chris Mead, with art by PK Olsen.

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