MARVEL's RAVAGE 2099 Celebrated In 25th Anniversary Live-Draw/Exhibit

Ravage 2099 #3
Credit: Paul Ryan (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Paul Ryan (Marvel Comics)

This month is the 25th anniversary of the debut of Ravage 2099 in Marvel's 2099 line, and a group of artists are getting togethe to celebrate the occasion and it art.

"Ravage 2099 Redux" is an event kicking off December 29 at the Hive Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona, with eight artists woring together to redraw the original 24-page comic book. The finished product will be exhibited at the gallery through January 14, 2018.

"In December of 1992, writer Stan Lee and artist Paul Ryan collaborated on a Marvel Comics production that brought forth a literary, visionary prophecy of the future to the world of sequential art," reads the announcement. "Lee and Ryan dared to imagine a society obsessed with sterility, one in which a shadowy wing of a worldwide mega-corporation guides the hand of a militarized, Ecological Police Force. To destroy those who oppose the corporation, their enemies are falsely accused of crimes against nature, and thus executed as ;polluters.' This is the world as portrayed in the comic book, Ravage 2099 #1."

The artists scheduled to be involved are: Brad Dwyer, Reset Survivor, Damon Begay, Denny Riccelli, Eric Mengel, Robin Holley, Adam Yeater, and Christopher Ness.

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