Full First Issue: ANIMAL JAM

Animal Jam HC

Meet the entire Animal Jam fam in this full first issue of Dynamite's series, ahead of a hardcover collection coming out this week.

Animal Jam HC
writers: Fernando Ruiz, Eric Esquivel
artist: Fernando Ruiz
cover: Fernando Ruiz
FC  |  96 pages  |  $12.99  |   All Ages 
National Geographic’s Animal Jam, the online playground for kids to adopt and play with wildlife, is one of today’s fastest-growing multiplayer games, with a millions of players worldwide! Now, Dynamite Entertainment is proud to welcome comic book fans of all ages to the fictional world of Jamaa, where zoological adventure awaits!
In the graphic novel debut of Animal Jam, Clover Greenleaf, a cheery and curious rabbit, arrives in the colorful new habitat of
Jamaa. During a celebration of her arrival, Clover accidentally stumbles across Graham the Monkey’s scientific equipment... and opens a portal to a fearsome new realm! Can the Alphas, the animal guardians of Jamaa, save the beleaguered bunny? And what other awesome adventures will Clover’s creature friends embark on?

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