ARCANA STUDIO February 2018 Solicitations

Arcana Studio February 2018 cover
Credit: Arcana Studio

Writer: Dave McCluskey
Artist: Dave McCluskey
The outbreak was fast and far reaching. Within days what was left of the world was torn to pieces. The infected were everywhere, and they were hungry. Small band of survivors joined together to bring some strength in numbers. Together they travel to the mysterious Brownmoor for answers.

Writers: Sean Patrick O'Reilly, Grant Chastain
Artists: TBD
Tanu is a sasquatch lost in the Canadian wilderness who must face the Fearsome Creatures in order to find the clues that will lead him to his mother. Using his agility, speed, jumping ability and a mean snow-ball throwing arm, the young Sasquatch must find his way back home facing the most fearsome mythological creatures ever whispered about in the wild wilderness.

Gene Simmons welcomes you back again to the world of Etheria, deep within the Nether Ether. As Zipper rescues captives held by the Old Ones, they will stop at nothing to get their tendrils on him, sending their best after the rebellious Denizens of Ral. While they clash, the destruction of Etheria could be just a portal away.

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