ANTARCTIC PRESS February 2018 Solicitations

Antarctic Press February 2018 cover
Credit: Antarctic Press

Writer/Artist: Fred Perry
Tiffy saves the neighborhood from a wrinkle in time when Peebri sneaks into the warp core for "IRL cheat codes".  But the timely rescue snaps Tifanny

Writers/Artists: Jane Mai, Miran Ong Chua
Another duet of dramas from the dynamic distaff of the comics world!  Jane Mai provides a tale of a mysterious summer fling, along with a quiet, wistful cover.  And Mira Ong Chua returns with a story about love, demons and pastries!

Writer/Artist: David Hutchison
"Who goes there?"
As Lilly comes closer to getting her revenge, her hunger grows more monstrous. Any hopes Dillon had of getting through to her start to fade, and he begins to wonder if Lilly will stop even if she gets what she wants. As Dillon weighs his options, his "friends" are making plans of their own, and those plans start with the gun Dillon brought to school!

Writer: Alfred Perez
Artist: Ben Dunn
Cover Artist: Brian Denham
Donald J. Trump: businessman, candidate; searching for a way to tap into the hidden votes that all parties have.  Then an accidental overdose of internet (and unhealthy snacks) alters his popularity.  And now, when Donald Trump grows angry or outraged (which is often), a predictable metamorphosis occurs.  The Trump is driven by rage and pursued by the "fake media" investigative reporters.  ("Mister Tapper, don't make me #angry.  You wouldn't like me when I'm #angry, believe me.")

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