JUSTICE LEAGUE Animated Cast Ready For Reunion - And They Have Some Ideas

Justice League
Credit: Cartoon Network

The fan favorite Justice League animated series (and its follow up Justice League Unlimited) ended over ten years ago, but many fans who love the series have never stopped carrying the torch for a reunion of some kind. The demand for a reunion movie kicked off again last month when a tweet from fan account #JLReunion prompted retweets and response from many of the principal cast members, some of whom are now sharing their support - and ideas - for such a project. 

"There are so many fans that grew up on Justice League on Cartoon Network that seem to want to reboot some sort of movie or limited series," Superman actor George Newbern told The Hollywood Reporter.
“I'm often at Comic Cons across the country where I get to interact with the audience and a frequently asked question is why there hasn't been a Justice League animated movie based on the animated TV series," added Kevin Conroy, who has voiced Batman since Batman: The Animated Series, which eventually spun off into Justice League. "There's a large and loyal fan base there that you'd think the studio would want to tap into. To me it's a no-brainer."
"Why it was prematurely cancelled always baffled me. I’d be honored and grateful to be a part of any sort of reunion with all the beautiful people associated with this show," said Flash actor Michael Rosenbaum.
"Your first hope is that someone will see your work, your second is that it will, in some way, endure," said Green Lantern actor Phil Lamarr.
Conroy had some thoughts about what he'd like to see in such a reunion, as well.
"The challenge for me playing the complicated character of Batman is his sense of isolation and inability to connect to others," he explained. "Especially in playing him in the team setting of the Justice League, there's a real contradiction there.”
Wonder Woman actress Susan Eisenberg also had some ideas about exploring Batman's group dynamics - specifically in a context that will excite some fans of the Dark Knight and the Amazonian Princess's subtle romance from the series.
"Well, selfishly, I’d love to explore the relationship between Bruce and Diana a bit more, and I know there are some wonderbat fans out there who feel the same way," said Eisenberg. "But mostly, I would just love to see a story where the League is united in its fight of good vs. evil, with some romance and levity thrown in for good measure!"
Lamarr added that if fans actually want to see a Justice League reunion movie, they should continue to make their voices heard. "Executives tend to look for the biggest, shiniest new thing not the best, most-loved old thing — until someone proves there’s an audience for it."
A similar social media campaign led to the revival of the DC animated series Young Justice, which will receive a third season in 2018, five years after its 2013 cancellation.
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