ULTIMATES Title No More, But Team Lives On In MARVEL Game (With 3 New Recruits)

Credit: Kenneth Rocafort (Marvel Comics)

Marvel's Ultimates 2 title ended in October with a unique proto "Legacy" issue #100, but the team is living on as the newest additions to Netmarble's MARVEL Future Fight mobile game. America Chavez and Blue Marvel have joined the game as the Ultimates, as well as three surprise recruits to the team not seen in the comic books - Quasar (Avil Kincaid), Anti-Man, and Nova (Sam Alexander).

“The Ultimates are extremely important protectors of the Marvel Universe, saving Earth from cosmic and dimensional rifts and threats that aren’t seen or acknowledged by the average human,” said Seungwon Lee, Netmarble Games Chief Global Officer. “By adding them to MARVEL Future Fight, we’re hoping to bring more recognition to a beloved team of interstellar saviors.”

Credit: Netmarble Games

Lumped in with this update are also two new costumes for Agent Coulson are available as well as a new character - the Inhumans' Inferno.

"This update introduces a new chapter to Story Missions titled “Ultimate Solution” where players will join with the members of the Ultimates team to stop the destruction and collapse of all the known worlds," explains Netmarble. "The chapter reveals fundamental foundations of the MARVEL Future Fight lore and provides an all-new background for the heroes and villains from the Ultimates comic book series."

MARVEL Future Fight is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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