MONSTERS UNLEASHED #8 Misprints Needs To New Printing & Replacement Copies For Stores

Monsters Unleashed #8
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Some readers of November 22's Monsters Unleashed #8 were surprised when they began reading the comic book to find an unsolicited Luke Cage bit in the book - but no, it wasn't a surprise crossover. There was a misprint in some print editions of the book with pages from the Luke Cage series replacing the intended Monsters Unleashed #8 pages.

Marvel describes it as a printer error, and are reprinting a corrected edition of Monsters Unleashed #8 to be sent out to affected retailers at no product cost. No timetable for these replacement copies has been given.

Readers with these misprinted issues are encouraged to return them to their retailers, and retailers are to contact their Diamond Comic Distributors representative.

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