AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY February 2018 Solicitations

American Mythology February 2018 cover
Credit: American Mythology

Writer: S.A. Check, Todd Livingston
Artist: Diego Tapie, Jazz dela Cuesta
The Inspector has been on the trail of the Pink Panther since the original movie in 1963. At last, this long-standing game of cat and mouse gets the full spotlight in a Pink Panther special issue! Join us for classic cartoon capers that will take you back to your childhood with slapstick humor and hilarious hijinks. Pink Panther VS The Inspector #1 comes with four covers - Main "Which Way?" Cover, "Pink Hijinks" by Jacob Greenawalt, "Classic Pink" by Bill Galvan, and "Retro Animation" Retailer Incentive.

Writer: Todd Livingston, Danita Mangum
Artist: Bill Galvan Artist: Adrian Ropp
American Mythology celebrates the hilarious history of Pink Panther comic books in this special anniversary issue!  The first Pink Panther comic books premiered in 1971 and the cool cat has been entertaining readers ever since.  Join us for a fun romp through his newest adventures with a nod to his pink past. 

TINKER #3 (OF 4)
Writer/Cover Artist: Jon Hughes
Artist: Rachel Uildriks
Overground Comics arrives at American Mythology with a blast!  Amy finally has her dreams in the palm of her hand, gaining an internship at Zero Technologies! But how will Amy handle her first day, when it includes a secret mission from Insight? Guest starring Captain Zero's Cavaliers.

Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Mario Zimprich
Cover Artist: Ceci de la Cruz
Trapped within a remote mansion, Ragdoll is determined to protect the lives of Sir Peter and his friends, but that won't be an easy task when Countess Bathory and her vampire minions launch a horrifying assault. Their objective: Blood! The battle between the beautiful monsters begins, but the wickedly insane Bathroy wants more than Ragdoll's head. She wants something far more precious that will grant eternal life to the queen of the vampires!

Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Roy Allen Martinez
In the dead of night, in a steaming, tropical jungle, Van Hauser is about to confront his destiny, and witness,firsthand, the eternal thirst of Dracula! After traveling to a remote, Philippine island, the "B" horror movie actor finds only a decaying mansion filled with bloodthirsty vampires led by their king, the legendary Count Dracula. To his dismay and disbelief, Hauser has been lured to the island not for his blood, but for his lineage, and Dracula's true gambit is about to be revealed, one that could either save mankind, or spell its doom. It's Dracula as you've never seen him before, more blood-thirsty and calculating than any movie incarnation, in this incredible story filled with blood, violence, and nudity, for mature readers only. Eternal Thirst of Dracula comes with two covers - Main and Nude by Roy Allan Martinez.
Writer/Artist: Mike Wolfer
In this incredible and gorgeous two-issue miniseries, Edgar Rice Burrough's Caspak comes to life in all of its prehistoric glory. Hidden from the world behind a time-warping veil, Caspak is an island continent filled with rampaging, flesheating dinosaurs, where death comes calling in a million different ways. Navigating her way through the primordial landscape, the amazing cave woman See-Ta has found that something is amiss in the island's delicate ecosystem, a change that could upend the entire balance of predators and prey and plunge Caspak into chaos. Based on the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT: SEE-TA THE SAVAGE builds upon the Caspak Trilogy and includes cameos by some of the novels' most beloved characters.

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