ZENESCOPE February 2018 Solicitations

Zenescope February 2018 cover
Credit: Zenescope Entertainment

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artist: Bong Dazo
From hunter to hunted, Belle’s world has just been turned upside down, and her fight for her own survival has begun! Spinning from the shocking events of last issue, Belle is alone and on the defensive. After nearly surviving an attack, she must get to the bottom of this monster-driven mystery aimed on ending her existence. That is if she can make it out of her current situation alive!

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artist: TBD
Spinning out of the events of Grimm Fairy Tales #13 the Age of Camelot continues to make its mark on Skye and the modern world…Enter the Black Knight. While Skye tries to decide if she is friend or foe an unseen enemy works behind the scenes maneuvering pieces into place against her.

Writer: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Dave Franchini
Artist: TBD
All hell breaks loose when Inferno and Hellchild crossover in an epic One-Shot issue that could level all of existence! For the first time ever Angelica Blackstone meets Mercy Dante in what could be the very last time we see either one of them in the Grimm Universe.

Writer: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco
Artist: TBD
A new team is introduced to the Grimm Universe! A group of super powered beings calling themselves the Musketeers has emerged in Philadelphia. Using their powers to help those in trouble as well as to give themselves a lifestyle befitting champions, the line between hero and villain is easily blurred and while the team see their actions as justified the city’s police force has their own ideas…ones that will see the Musketeers locked away.

Writer: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Victoria Rau
Artist: TBD
A mother seeking solace with her two teenage children after a recent tragedy signs up for a group hiking and camping tour. But navigating the difficult terrain is the least of the hikers’ worries as the group soon finds they’re being stalked by unseen predators.

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Julius Abrera
Robyn is in California to solve not one but two mysteries. What’s going on with Sam Cavendar? Is she the Sam that Marian knows and loves, or an unspeakable monster from the pre-human past? And what’s with the string of bizarre murders that are leaving victims all over San Diego flayed of their flesh? Can the archer in Lincoln Green beat the cops to the killer? Chuck Dixon (Bane: Conquest) continues building this multi-layered urban fantasy epic.

Writer: Ralph Tedesco
Artist: Allan Otero
After the events of the last issue, Robyn is infected with a powerful vampire serum that is being tested on humans subjects. Now Liesel must find those responsible for creating the terrifying drug while she simultaneously looks for a way to cure her best friend before she’s forced to kill her.

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