Two More New X-MEN Ongoing Series On the Way

X-Men Red
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Two new mystery X-Men ongoing series are on the way in the near future, according to Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia.

"I can say that there are at least two new ongoing series in development," Paniccia wrote in the letter column of this week's X-Men: Blue #16. "One completely unexpected and the other a return of a fan favorite. It's too early to get into any more than that, but I'm sure most X-Fans will be excited when we make the announcements. Keep your eyes and ears open!"

Paniccia's remarks gave no further clues as to what the titles - or characters - in question could be. The only known upcoming X-Men ongoing series not mentioned anywhere in the column is X-Men: Red, which stars the returning Jean Grey, which is due out on shelves in February.

... hey, isn't the original Wolverine back and without a title?

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