Credit: Gianluca Gugliotta (DC Comics)
Credit: ABC

Kendrick Sampson has been cast as Dominic Lanse (a.k.a. Brainstorm) for the CW's The Flash, according to Deadline. The How To Get Away With Murder actor will reportedly appear in several episodes of the show.

"Dominic is an affable TSA Agent who becomes the unwitting recipient of meta-human powers," reads Deadline's description of the character. "Now Dominic bears the gift and curse of reading people’s thoughts, whether he wants to or not. His character will be introduced in the winter finale."

Brainstorm (as 'Brain Storm') originally appeared in 1964's Justice League of America #32 by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. In that story, Alex Storm kidnapped the JLA in order to borrow their powers and kill his brother's murderer. A second Brainstorm debuted in 2011's Mister Terrific #2 by Eric Wallace and Gianluca Gugliotta, revamped as part of the "New 52" to be a silicon valley scientist named Dominic Lanse who was able to download other people's intellects into his own mind. Mr. Terrific later found out Lanse was somewhat responsible for the death of his spouse, Paula.

Kendrick Sampson previously appeared in ABC's How To Get Away With Murder, Showtime's White Famous the CW's The Vampire Diaries.

Deadline did not specify which The Flash episode they expect Sampson to debut in. The Flash airs Tuesdays on the CW.

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