Kissing KISS In THE ELDER Vol. 2 Full First Issue

"KISS: The Elder Vol 2" preview

Read the full issue of KISS #6 ahead of that arc's collection this week as KISS: The Elder Vol. 2 - Odyssey from Dynamite Entertainment.

KISS: The Elder Vol. 2 – Odyssey TP
writers: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham
artists: Kewber Baal, Daniel HDR
cover: Tom Mandrake
FC  |  168 pages  |  $19.99  |   Teen+  
As humanity stands on the precipice of tearing itself apart, the society based around the music of Kiss must find a way to band together with their enemies and make their way back to Earth!
Plus! Kiss: Forever! Go back to the stone age with the Catman! See the Demon visit the Roman Empire! The Starman sails the seas during the age of piracy...and the Spaceman silently witnesses a journey to the moon! It’s four immortal beings interacting with humanity during four distinct chapters of history!

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