WHITLEY & BELANGER Take Vampi In New Direction With VAMPIRELLA #8 Preview

"Vampirella #8" preview

The new creative team of Jeremy Whitley and Andy Belanger take over in a preview of this week's Vampirella #8.

Vampirella Vol. 4 #8
writer: Jeremy Whitley
artists: Andy Belanger
covers: Philip Tan (A), Jorge Fornés (B), Cosplay Photo Variant (C)
FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |  Teen +  
The perfect jumping on point for anyone who has been curious to try Vampirella! Join brand new creative team Jeremy Whitley (The Unstoppable Wasp, Avengers, Princeless) and Andy Belanger (Southern Cross, Swamp Thing, Black Church) as Vampi and Vicki emerge into a ruined wasteland that hates Vampirella for the unintended consequences of saving them.  This Vampirella story has everything: a new adventure, new romance, and the return of a very old evil.

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