KODANSHA February 2018 Solicitations

Kodansha February 2018 cover
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Again!! Vol. 1
By Mitsurou Kubo
$12.99 (U.S.) / $16.99 (Canada)
16 and up
From the co-creator of ""Yuri!!! on Ice"" comes a dramatic, funny time-traveling high school story about what it means to cheer on a friend! What would you do if you had the chance to do everything... Again?
Kinichiro isn't even that bad. It's just that on the first day of high school, his narrow eyes made him look shifty, so people assumed he was trouble. Now it's graduation, and he's looking back on three years with no friends. He never even joined a club. But after a bloody collision and an accidental fall, he wakes up a high school freshman, with the chance to try it all over... AGAIN!!

Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition Vol. 2
By Yukito Kishiro
Hard Cover
$29.99 (U.S.) / $39.99 (Canada)
After more than a decade out of print, the original cyberpunk action classic returns in glorious 400-page hardcover deluxe editions, featuring an all-new translation, color pages, and new cover designs!
In a dump in the lawless settlement of Scrapyard, far beneath the mysterious space city of Zalem, disgraced cyber-doctor Daisuke Ido makes a strange find: the detached head of a cyborg woman who has lost all her memories. He names her Alita and equips her with a powerful new body, the Berserker. While Alita remembers no details of her former life, a moment of desperation reawakens in her nerves the legendary school of martial arts known as Panzer Kunst. In a place where there is no justice but what people make for themselves, Alita decides to become a hunter-killer, tracking down and taking out those who prey on the weak. But can she hold onto her humanity as she begins to revel in her own bloodlust?

To Your Eternity Vol. 3
By Yoshitoki Oima
$12.99 (U.S.) / $16.99 (Canada)
13 and up
A new manga from the creator of the acclaimed A Silent Voice, featuring intimate, emotional drama and an epic story spanning time and space...
A lonely boy wandering the Arctic regions of North America meets a wolf, and the two become fast friends, depending on each other to survive the harsh environment. But the boy has a history, and the wolf is more than meets the eye as well... To Your Eternity is a totally unique and moving manga about death, life, reincarnation, and the nature of love.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 4
Story by Fuse, art by Taiki Kawakami
$12.99 (U.S.) / $16.99 (Canada)
As players of Monster Hunter and Dungeons & Dragons know, the slime is not exactly the king of the fantasy monsters. So when a 37-year-old Tokyo salaryman dies and wakes up in a world of elves and magic, he's a little disappointed to find he's become a blind, boneless slime monster.
Mikami's middle age hasn't gone as he planned: He never found a girlfriend, he got stuck in a dead-end job, and he was abruptly stabbed to death in the street at 37. So when he wakes up in a new world straight out of a fantasy RPG, he's disappointed but not exactly surprised to find that he's facing down a dragon, not as a knight or a wizard but as a blind slime demon. But there are chances for even a slime to become a hero...

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Vol. 15
By Miki Yoshikawa
$10.99 (U.S.) / $14.99 (Canada)
16 and up
The hilarious supernatural romantic comedy continues!

Aho-Girl Vol. 5
By Hiroyuki
$12.99 (U.S.) / $16.99 (Canada)
13 and up
Equal parts cute, silly, and subversive, this four-panel comedy manga is great for fans of anarchic slice-of-life gag manga like Nichijou and Azumanga Daioh. Anime adaptation coming 2017!
Yoshiko is a hopefully clueless high school girl. Her rock-paper-scissors strategy is ""rock."" She somehow gets zeroes on multiple-choice tests. And she has an often-nearly-fatal weakness for bananas. Her devoted friends have no choice but to hang around and make sure nobody takes advantage of her. (Of course, the entertainment value might have something to do with it, too.) Cute characters, weird gags, and lots and lots of bananas!

Clockwork Planet Vol. 7
Story by Yuu Kamiya and Tsubaki Himana; Art by Kuro
$12.99 (U.S.) / $16.99 (Canada)
16 and up
The science fiction mystery that's now a major anime, from the creator of No Game, No Life!
Naoto's a high school dropout and brilliant amateur tinkerer. He lives in a world that has been so over-exploited that the entire surface has become one vast machine. When a box crashes into his home containing a female automaton, it's a harbinger of change that will rock the entire globe, and give Naoto his chance to be a hero.

Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Vol. 5
By Haruko Kumota
$12.99 (U.S.) / $16.99 (Canada)
16 and up
A multi-generational human drama set in the world of rakugo, a traditional form of Japanese comedic storytelling, Descending Stories follows an ex-convict whose life is changed by his apprenticeship to a famed storyteller, and Konatsu, who yearns to perform rakugo but cannot because women are not permitted in the craft.
Small-time crook Yotaro has never forgotten the rakugo tale ""Shinigami,"" which the master Yurakutei Yakumo performed for Yotaro during his time in prison. After his release, he goes to Yakumo's theater and pleads to be made his apprentice. Yakumo reluctantly accepts, but Yotaro quckly finds the world of rakugo is complex, and grapples with a growing bond with Yakumo's ward, Konatsu, and reminders from his own inescapable past.

Fire Force Vol. 8
Atsushi Ohkubo
$10.99 (U.S.) /    $14.99 (Canada)
13 and up
A new action fantasy set in a steampunk Tokyo from the creator of the smash hit Soul Eater!
The city of Tokyo is in the grip of a reign of terror! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting team: the Pyrofighters, ready to roll on a moment's notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out. But the team is about to get a very unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous ""devil's footprints"" (and destroying his shoes in the process). Can the Pyrofighters discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first?

Kigurumi Guardians Vol. 4
By Lily Hoshino
$12.99 (U.S.) /    $16.99 (Canada)
16 and up
Lily Hoshino, the beloved artist behind Mawaru Penguindrum, offers her cute and twisted take on the magical girl genre. You probably never thought Sailor Moon needed more hot older guys in full-body mascot costumes, but Kigurumi Guardians will bring you around!
Hakka's second year of middle school was dull as it could be, until a suspicious cow mascot (""kigurumi"") shows up in her room, holding a sign that reads, ""My Name Is Ginger."" But this isn't (just?) a stalker, it's a magical being that's come to convince Hakka (and her friends) to become Guardians, and save the world! Hakka is understandably confused, until she's suddenly attacked, and a beautiful young man leaps in to save her. Can this handsome knight and the weird kigurumi be... one and the same?

Kiss Him, Not Me Vol. 13
$10.99 (U.S.) / $14.99 (Canada)
16 and up
This comedy is a wacky and dramatic rallying cry for fans of yaoi and addictive shojo! Now a hit anime!
Kae is a secret fujoshi (female manga/anime nerd) who spends all day fantasizing about her male classmates making out with... each other. But when sudden, accidental weight loss makes her popular overnight, the boys start going after her instead!

Love and Lies Vol. 4
By Musawo
$12.99 (U.S.) /    $16.99 (Canada)
16 and up
""Love is forbidden. When you turn 16, the government will assign your marriage partner."" This dystopian manga about teen love and defiance is a sexy, funny, and dramatic new hit!
Yukari is dull. He doesn't even stand out enough to be bullied - he's just a generally lower-middle-class kid. He's in love with Misaki, the most popular girl in school. There's just one problem: He's 15, one year away from receiving his government-assigned marriage partner. He normally wouldn't have the courage to defy the law, but his sickly classmate Ririna still believes in love, and won't stop goading him into confessing his feelings!

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